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Gamvar is an excellent varnish because your paintings will look beautiful today.


Gamvar is an excellent varnish because they will be able to clean your painting in 100 years without using such strong solvent that they may harm the paint layers underneath.

Solving a Century Old Problem for Oil Colorists...
Someplace in Portland-Gamblin Artist colors has solved a centuries old problem for oil colorists wanting to protect their artwork. It used to take up to 6-12 months.
This made it hard to sell artwork that was properly varnished. Varnish is the first defense of artwork and when not used will expose the painting to direct and
chemical pollution.

Gamvar uses a synthetic and elastic replacement to damar which is inelastic. Thus when the painting dries the varnish moves with the paint film so there is no
problem with cracking.

Gamblin 32 oz Gamvar & Gamsol Power Pack

Both Gamvar and Gamsol are now available together, exclusively at Jerry's in 32 oz bottles!

"Paint and varnish your oil paintings with confidence!"

    • Gamsol relaxes stiff oil paints and is the best solvent for cleaning brushes
      and palette knives

    • Gamsol is odorless, non-hazardous and the safest
      oil solvent available!

    • To preserve and protect you work, brush a thin layer of semi-gloss Gamvar
      on top, when your oil painting is completely dry

    • You will instantly notice that your colors have more depth and that Gamvar
      is virtually odorless!

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