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FIMO Classic Polymer Clay - FIMO Classic becomes soft and pliable by kneading and is perfect for all types of projects including dolls or figures, miniatures, jewelry, accents for the home, and holiday decorations. Pieces made with FIMO Classic Polymer become permanent after baking in any home oven or toaster oven for 30 minutes at 265°F (129°C).

FIMO Effect - 24 Brilliant colors in five different effects for special applications and techniques. Easy to blend with FIMO Classic and Soft Polymer Clay.

FIMO Mix Quick - A soft, neutral mixing polymer that's perfect for blending with crumbly or hard FIMO Classic Clay to make kneading easier. 3-1/2 oz.

FIMO Puppen Doll Clay - Modeling clay material especially made for doll makers. This modeling clay is softer than regular FIMO or Sculpey, so it's easier to sculpt a detailed face, arms and legs. Can be baked in the oven after your complete to keep in shape

FIMO Soft Clay - FIMO Soft Clay is easier to use than ever before, making it perfect for children as well as crafters of all skill levels. Very duralble and great for bakign. Whether the project is a playful fish kitchen magnet or an intricately designed necklace and matching earrings, FIMO Soft Clay is ideal. Available in sets of 10 and 24 and comes in a variey of colors.

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