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Expires 10/21/2012 Midnight Est. - Cover Artwork provided by Julie Petro

A Portrait of the Artist: Julie Petro

Artist Spotlight: Julie PetroPetro, an artist working in paint and residing in south Longmont, has gravitated to the impressionist school of art since she was a child. "I remember seeing John Singer Sargent's Fumée de Amber Gris in one of my mother's art books when I was really young," she says. "And that picture just kind of stayed there. The details of how he painted her hands. How her face — barely visible under the hood — was rendered with what seemed to be just a few perfectly placed brush strokes. It's a fascinating study of a person, especially since every detail isn't clearly defined."

Indeed, that early exposure manifests itself in Petro's own work, culled from the traditions of the impressionism. Citing that genre's ability to evoke energy and movement, Petro enjoys creating work that communicates a mood, personality, and fluidity via its focus on subjects captured in motion, or in a moment, rather than "details" in the strictest sense... [Keep Reading]

Jerry's Artarama is pleased to feature Julie's painting "Reflections" on our new 2012 Fall Back to School Sale Catalog!For more information on Julie Petro and her beautiful artwork, please read more in our blog series, "Artist Spotlight"

Artist Spotlight - Julie Petro