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Kids Easels

Art Easels for Kids take illustration to the next level - a higher workplace level! There are a whole lot of easels and kids art supplies on the market. Sadly, most of them are toys, plastic, not safe and do not address the varying needs of kids as they grow in height, and progress into skill level and mentality. Adjustable wooden easels for children are available in many different designs and you can find them in different sizes and configurations. Wooden easels have a pleasing appearance, built to last, safe and sturdy and have life-time warranty. They can be passed down between siblings or to friends or other family members when your child has outgrown it. We have also seen art easels made of plastic that are so small that there is no way that they will ever be useful in the future. You'll find that when kids produce their own art it will give them good self-esteem and it will help them to better understand their world around them. Exposing children to their own creativity will open a whole new world for them.

Easels are not just for painting. Though painting is an option, a kids easel is very versatile when it comes to the type of art work and activities that can be done. Many easels come equipped with space for multiple tasks. A bottom paint and storage tray is made of wood and can hold cups of paint and any other assortment of supplies. All these things are important for young artists so they draw different things in the right way. Save on yours today!

Benefits and Features: Encourages creativity, Good self esteem, Perfect gift for any little artist, Equipped with space for mutliple tasks, Solid wood construction, Re-fill paper rolls, Built to last, Trays for art supplies, Easy storage.

Refill Paper Roll -  This refill roll measures 16" wide × 11 yards long. This neutral pH, white, smooth, medium weight paper is suitable for all the projects a young artist might want to do. The paper will take tempera, pen and ink, markers, chalks, pastels and of course crayon. You should also make sure the height is perfect for him/her to pain whatever they want to see on paper. Make painting an enjoyable activity and you will soon see your kid using his inner creative powers.

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