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Graffiti & Street Art Supplies

Graffiti & Street Art Supplies

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Graffiti & Street Art Supplies

Make a statement with street art and graffiti: where street art meets fine art!

Graffiti art is becoming more and more recognized and accepted as an art form in its own right, no longer only viewed as simple vandalism. Galleries around the world are holding graffiti art shows, street artists are gaining fame and popularity, and some governments are even sanctioning non-vandalizing graffiti as a justified way of self-expression. Street art is moving off the streets and into the galleries!

Graffiti (from the Italian word for "scratch") technically began hundreds if not thousands of years ago, with examples surviving in archaeological sites in Rome, Egypt, Jerusalem, Pompeii and more. Modern graffiti art is thought to have begun roughly during the World War II years, but the graffiti and street art scene really took off in New York City in the 1970's and 80's. Using spray paint, stencils, markers, and homemade painting materials, street artists would produce tags, images, and slogans to express themselves and their beliefs. Graffiti became a lifestyle and an inspiration to many, and is now becoming accepted and appreciated as a true art form.


Here at Jerry's, we are pleased to offer an array of fantastic graffiti and street art supplies. With products from leaders in the fine art and graffiti art supply industry — companies like Montana GOLD Spray Paint, Krink Graffiti Markers, Crescent Graffiti Paper and more — you are sure to find the perfect medium to express yourself and make your mark! Bring the life and inspiration of street art to your own style with these high quality spray paint and graffiti supplies — all at Jerry's unbeatable low prices!