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2013 Mungyo Summer Pastels Contest Winners Gallery
1st Place: 'Portrait of a Grey' by Mother Barbara of Etna, CA First Place Winner
"Portrait of a Grey"
by Mother Barbara of Etna, CA
"Turner Acryl Gouache paint is a wonderful way to create beautiful works of art. It dries to a deep velvety matte, creating a unique look. They can be mixed with other acrylics, or used as they are. The Turner Acryl Jet Black is my favorite paint of all the different brands and I use it in all my artwork. I highly recommend these paints to both professional and beginner artists."
2nd Place: 'Portrait of Takoda' by Mother Justina of Etna, CA Second Place Winner
"Portrait of Takoda"
by Mother Justina of Etna, CA
"I have enjoyed using and working with Turner Acryl Gouache for three years. You always get beautiful results and the quality of the paint is indisputable. I like the matte finish, but if you use a gloss varnish it is also has a lovely effect."
3rd Place: 'Super Risk' by Victor Vicini of Livonia, MI Third Place Winner
"Super Risk"
by Victor Vicini of Livonia, MI
"I have used Turner Watercolors for all my watercolors for some time now - I love it! I really enjoy the quality of the colors of Turner Watercolors. I would recommend Turner Watercolors to anyone."
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'The Wire aka 'Ey Yo!'' by Adrianne 'Greys in the Wild' by Mother Barbara 'Puddle Fun' by Christine 'Summertime Gate' by Christine 'Jared and Onna' by Jim
'Scott River' by Mother Justina 'Tayuu' by Phil 'Katsutomo' by Phil 'Bright Landscape' by Janis Schneider 'Super Cut Up' by Victor Vicini