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Everything Frames Super Sale
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First Annual Self Portrait Contest Gallery of Winners
1st Place: 'Megan' by Dorian Gray First Place Winner
by Dorian Gray
"I love the smoothness and drying time of the SoHo Paints. It gives me just enough time for it to dry from week to week. I also love the brilliance of these paints and how easily they glide onto the canvas and how, like people, they mingle with interaction."
2nd Place: 'Qipao' by Wendy Wu Second Place Winner
by Wendy Wu
"I bought a set of SoHo Urban Artist colored pencils and it turns out to be perfect for this image. The brilliant shades of red make the Qipao dress come to life. I wanted the whole painting to have a warm color scheme and I was able to blend layers of colors to get that effect. I would definitely recommend SoHo colored pencils to other artists."
3rd Place: 'Man and His Best Friend' by Armando Araujo Third Place Winner
"Man and His Best Friend"
by Armando Araujo
"Since moving to the US a year ago, I have been to the Jerry's Artarama stores. Once I began buying SoHo Products, I was amazed. I feel it is a quality product as well as a good priced one. I have many brands that I could choose but I do prefer SoHo."
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'Distraction' by Marcel Franquelin 'Heavenly Ballerina' by Armando Araujo 'Night' by Marcel Franquelin 'Passage' by Kimberly Webber 'Pitcher' by Chithra Priya Canal
'Scorpian' by Irene Vandian 'Self Portrait' by Sarah Pag 'Stelli' by Veronica Winters 'Summer Afternoon by the Lake' by Noriko DeWitt 'Winter Camp' by Richard Hinger