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First Annual Self Portrait Contest Gallery of Winners
1st Place: 'Tea Time' by Kyra Wilson First Place Winner
"Tea Time"
by Kyra Wilson - New Haven, VT
"I first tried Soho Acrylics as free samples included in my shipment of art supplies. I realized they had a smooth quality and vibrant color, as well as being affordable and have used them ever since."
2nd Place: 'Le Grand Renaud' by Marcel Franquelin Second Place Winner
"Le Grand Renaud"
by Marcel Franquelin - Monmouth, NJ
"Through the years, I've used many different brands of oil paints. Some are too oily, some too thick, or weak in pigment. I worked in a very traditional, realistic manner, and therefore I plan my work and my palette quite carefully. I do not like surprises interfering in my painting strategies. Soho is definitely among the oil paints I love using, as it is reliable and consistent."
3rd Place: 'Police Cycle' by Victor Vicini Third Place Winner
"Police Cycle"
by Victor Vicini - Livoinia, MI
"The brilliant shades of color available to me by Soho paints is outstanding! I love the texture and smoothness of the paints. I would definitely recommend Soho paints to other artists."
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'Cheshire' by Kyra Wilson 'Mr. White' by Cody Swaggerty 'Winter in Central Park' by Sauda Markovic 'Eric Clapton' by Jeffrey Kerr 'White Stallion' by Marie Linnus
'Zelda' by Mother Justina 'Young Brown Pelican' by Barbara Samples 'Spirit of the Night' by Ilene Reed 'Annette's Butterfly' by Vicky McLain 'Tea Time' by Brittany Lewis