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2013 Charvin Winter Gallery of Winners
1st Place: 'Maiko Satohana' by Phil Couture

First Place Winner
"Maiko Satohana"
by Phil Couture

"I have used many brands of oil paint over the years, but Charvin is unmatched. The vibrancy and flow of the paint on the canvas is astounding and the range of colors they offer is fantastic. Naples Yellow is a personal favorite, because of it's rich, buttery consistency straight from the tube. I recommend Charvin products to all of my artist friends, as I know they will not be disappointed."


2nd Place: 'American Jugs' by Marcel Franquelin

Second Place Winner
"American Jugs"
by by Marcel Franquelin

"Colors! Unusual colors!! Charvin gave me a new "horizon" for my palette! From wild and daring to settled. Also it is probably the only brand whose color labels on the tube are an accurate representation of the paint inside, no need to look around quickly and open the tube in the store just to make sure!"
3rd Place: 'Grassy Waters-Winter Morning' by Patricia Maguire

Third Place Winner
"Grassy Waters-Winter Morning"
by Patricia Maguire

"I have been using Charvin Oil Paints for the past 2 years and recommend them to my students. The range of colors is unsurpassed by any other brand, and I love the convenient large size and the clarity of the packaging when making a selection. The colors go on creamy and supple, and dry with luminosity. Some colors have become personal favorites and form part of my permanent color palette: Green shade, Lagoon Blue, Naples Yellow, Carmine red, and Payne's Gray. The pre-mixed pastel colors are a joy to take to my Plein Air painting sessions, as they save time when setting up. I am hooked!"
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image) by Diane Stolz by Diane Stolz by Marie Linnus by Matthew Conway by Donna Parsons Taylor by Sandy Nelson by Veronica Winters by Polly Tetrault by Mike Gundlach by Kimberly Wakeman