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Turner 2012 Watercolor Painting Contest
Idyllic Cottage by Kimberly Wakeman

First Place Winner
"Idyllic Cottage"
by Kimberly Wakeman, Long Eddy, NY

"Turner Concentrated Artist Watercolor sets make watercolor painting absolutely effortless, for beginner and professional. Why? The vast range of perfect hues, flawless consistency, and fabulous blend ability equal perfection! I love Turner Watercolors because they are so perfectly made that they make my paintings come to life with rich, bright colors, or subtle tonality of gradated hues in more subtle watercolor paintings. I recommend them to everyone. They will inspire you!"

Ella Sharp Dining Room by Mary Hertler Tallman

Second Place Winner
"Ella Sharp Dining Room"
by Mary Hertler Tallman of Jackson, MI

"Turner Watercolors are rich, beautiful, and versatile and rival other well-known watercolors I have used in the past. Utilizing a basic color palette and the bend ability of the media allow the artist to create a universal range of color. The workable characteristics and permanency of color make Turner Watercolors and excellent choice."

Squeeze by Scott Szili

Third Place Winner
by Scott Szili, Wilkes-Barre, PA

"I prefer acrylic paints but was pleased with the quality of these watercolors. With Turner, I was able to use a thin layering technique that I developed. The free flowing paints allow me to work faster and suit my style best."

Plus 25 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image) 2 Brothers and a Nephew by Andrea Maglio-Macullar Evolving by Anna Lee Jackie by Cassie Stys Baseball Days by Ellen Ward Breakfast Table with Watercolors by Janis Schneider In Awe by Judy Kizer A Loyal Fellow by Kimberly Wakeman Heart and Mind Combine by Krystina Thomas Kellog House, Miami Florida by Mary Hertler Tallman Dreaming by Mehri Azizova Ballet Instructor's Dream by Mike Gundlach Big Left by Ronald Croci Fledglings by Sandra Baumgardner Colorful Page by Sumitha Kesavan Coco's Whimsy by Tatiana Suarez Blue Glass with Flowers by Andrea Maglio-Macullar Owl by Anna Lee Petit Fours by Ellen Ward Purple Flowers and Journal by Janis Schneider Productivity vs. Creativity by Krystina Thomas Lily by Mike Gundlach Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii by Ronald Croci Wingman by Sandra Baumgardner Fall and Rise by Sumitha Kesavan Strings Attached by Tatiana Suarez