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Looking on the Brighter Side by Barbara Dahlstedt

First Place Winner
"Cascading Sunlight"
by Linda Baker of Mooresville, NC

"Soho Watercolors from Jerry's Artarama have something to offer artist's at every level. They have a wonderful granulation and all colors lift easily with no residue of staining. As a pure transparent watercolorist, luminosity and translucence are two terms that are of importance to me and Soho Watercolors have both."

White Tiger by James Wonderling

Second Place Winner
by Dale Knaak of Sheboygan, WI

"The price of this line of acrylics is really deceiving. I expected to be dissatisfied the first time I tried them. But the results were very satisfying. A very good value at an affordable price. Vibrant colors with depth, that mix well and dry to an even sheen. No perceivable color shift after they dry. And they hold a brushstroke. I would definitely recommend Soho paints."

Summertime Artist by John Howell

Third Place Winner
"Insignificant Flowers"
by Sandy Birkholz of Los Gatos, CA

"Having used several types of colored pencils for drawings, I can say that Soho makes an exceptional pencil. The colors are lush, the "leads" are durable enough to stand up to heavy pressure without breaking, they don't break while sharpening, and the finished drawing has a gorgeous glow satin-like finish. Soho colored pencils are my "go to" pencils for my colored pencil work."

Plus 25 Honorable Mentions Full Moon Bridge by Jason Sacran 'Rural Lights by by Jason Sacran Ysabel by Modesto Mulet Urban Solitutde by Polly Tetrault Trapper with Pelts by Daniel Driggs Toyko Roads by Paul Ludie Doe in the Field by Sanday Shiroma Cotswold by Leslie Davis Market Day at Bankhouse Coffee by Katie Shifflet Sentinel in the Sun by Alina Martinez Dr. Ake by Scott Szili Superstition Mountain, AZ by Grace Kim Boy by Mary Hertler Apple, Pear and Wasp by Paul Norris Flowery Hat by Jacqueline Dunster Martini by Paul Ludie The Storm by Alina Martinez Yates Mill by Tesh Parekh Carinal' by Sandy Shiroma Our Daily Bread by Ken Pettijohn 'Dusky Skies by Sandy Butler Roses by Veronica Winters Here Today, Gone Tomorrow by Diane Stolz Ireland by Grace Kim Mockingbird Cafe by Katie Shifflet