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Reflections' by Julie Petro

First Place Winner
by Julie Petro of Longmont, CO

"Lukas Oil Paints glide on like butter and the brilliance of the colors are impressive! Very easy to manipulate the paints to achieve the variety of edges I'm constantly after. Very nice when I don't wish to use medium."

Discovery by Cande Sagan

Second Place Winner
by Cande Sagan of Hammond, IN

"I decided to try Lukas 1862 Oils recently and am very satisfied with the texture and range of colors. I love the Bohemian Green Earth. I am very picky about my oil paints and I am pleased to have found a new brand that meets my high expectations!! I recommend Lukas to all oil painters who need natural looking colors and creamy paint texture."

Family of Trinkets by Shih Hung

Third Place Winner
"Family of Trinkets"
by Shih Hung of Brooklyn, NY

"I was first introduced to Lukas 1862 Oil Colors as a gift and was extremely happy with the results. I'm always happy to try new products but not everything I've tried has improved my work like the Lukas paints did. The smooth consistency of the paints, vibrant colors, and fast drying time won me over instantly. I was able to manipulate the paint on my surface with ease, and because I work in multiple layers to build up my paintings, the fast dry time sped up my painting process. The first time I went online to replenish my supply of Lukas paints, I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were. It's definitely a steal! Thank you again for such an amazing product as I will continue to use Lukas paints for a very long time."

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