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Animal Crackers and YooHoo by Shih Hung

First Place Winner
"Animal Crackers and Yoo-Hoo!"
by Shih Hung of Brooklyn, NY

"I was first introduced to Lukas 1862 oil colors this year as a gift and was extremely happy with the results. I'm always happy to try new products but not everything I've tried has improved my work like the Lukas paints did. The smooth consistency of the paints, the vibrant colors and fast drying time won me over instantly. I was able to manipulate the paint on my surface with ease, and because I paint in multiple thin layers to build up my paintings, the fast drying time sped up my painting process. The first time I went online to replenish my supplies of Lukas paints, I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were. It's definitely a steal!! Thanks you again for such an amazing product as I will continue using Lukas paints for a very long time."
Me, Myself and I by Kyla McConnell

Second Place Winner

"Me, Myself and I"
by Kyla McConnell of Chapel Hill, NC

"Lukas Brand Oil Paints have quickly become my favorite to use! The colors are consistent and clear and leave an impact on the viewer. Of course the price is great too! This is important to artists like me on college budgets. I would definitely recommend Lukas brand paints to artists on all stages of professionalism. Thanks Lukas!"

Kim's Back by Claudia Kaufman

Third Place Winner
"Kim's Back"
by Claudia Kaufman of Marblehead, MA

"I have been using Lukas 1862 oil paints for a while now and LOVE the buttery quality of the paint. Over time, I have replaced nearly all of my paints with Lukas oils because of the smooth consistency, richness in color pigments, and the way it rolls off the brush and onto the canvas."

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