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First Place Winner
"Winters End"
by Robert Coombs of Logan, UT
Lukas 1862 Oil Colors on canvas

"Lukas paints are very affordable and have a buttery consistency similar to many of the name brand oil paints on the market today. Most importantly, the pigment is strong and intense, just as you would expect from a professional paint. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality paint at an affordable price.

The Artwork of Robert Coombs

Robert Coombs of Logan, Utah

Second Place Winner
by Sandy Nelson of Leland, NC

Lukas 1862 Oil Colors on canvas

"I started using Lukas paints about 3 years ago and have found them consistently the ones I reach for when starting a new image. As a somewhat impressionistic painter, Ive found the buttery texture and fast drying time works for my particular technique. Even when thinned out, they maintain their color vibrancy, coverage and "sexy" paint strokes."

Sandy Nelson of Leland, NC

Third Place Winner
"Oranges and Peonies"
by Maria Nash of Rockaway, NJ
Lukas 1862 Oil Colors on canvas

"My first Lukas 1862 Oil Colors were a birthday gift from a friend. After the first try I was amazed, the buttery consistency gives a really nice flow to the brushstrokes and the colors are vivid and pure, which is a big help avoiding mud colors. I was always skeptical about trying different products, but I am glad I gave Lukas a try. I just love it!

Maria Nash of Rockaway, NJ
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