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X-Acto Knives and Blades

Precision cutting tools for over 75 years!

Since the 1930's, X-Acto has been making fine precision knives with interchangeable blades. Beginning with creating surgical instruments, X-Acto started producing artists' knives at the request of one of their employees, and have been manufacturing quality cutting tools for artists, crafters and hobbyists ever since! 

X-Acto knives are durable, strong, and convenient, as blades can be replaced almost indefinitely should they get dull. Innovations in the development of craft knives have led to X-Acto designing such innovative knives as the Gripster, which reduces hand fatigue, and snap-off utility knives for ultimate convenience. For any myriad of uses, no artist's or crafter's studio should be without a trusty X-Acto knife!

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