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AllerAir D Series Purifier FIlters

Pure Air for Pure Creativity!

Ideal for art studios where toxic materials and aerosols are frequently used, the AirMedic D can handle and absorb harsh chemicals generated from artistic supplies such as spray adhesives, mineral spirits and solvents. Jerry's Artarama has all the filters necessary to keep your art studio healthy and clean with 4 replacement filters available!

Carbon Filter/Canister- A replacement carbon filter that acts as one stage of a triple filtration process that can eliminate 99.7% of contaminants from the air. Breath easier as this canister filters out carbon from your work space!

Black Carbon Pre-Filter- A replacement carbon pre-filter that traps particles and debris to protect and extend the life of the filter. Part of the triple-filtration process.

White Poly Pre-Filter- A replacement pre-filter that filters up to 99.7% of harmful contaminants from your studio. Part of the triple-filtration process.

Micro-Hepa Filter- A replacement filter that lasts 5-7 years and is part of the triple-filtration process which contains and absorbs 99.7% of harmful particles.

* Series D Purifier is no longer available and has been discontinued by the manufacturer

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