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AllerAir AirMedic+ Series Purifiers

For the cleanest possible air for your home or office! The AirMedic+ combines a cylindrical shape with 360º of air intake to remove chemicals, particles, gases and odors on the very first pass. This means a consistent and fast flow of clean, pure, breathable air. The AirMedic+ also features a clean air delivery rate which matches or exceeds comparable models and is backed by a solid 10 year warranty on both parts and labor. AirMedic+ Exec - This model is a must have for any pastel artist, since its particle filtration is unbeatable. It also includes an activated 18 lb carbon filter to adsorb harsh chemicals, gasses and odors. AirMedic+ Vocarb - This model offers the same protection as the AirMedic+ Exec, but the filter includes a special carbon blend to provide even better protection against volatile organic compounds including fixatives, oils and turpentine.

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