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Wynn Las Vegas

Join us for a celebration of the senses, featuring fine art, fine music and fine food at the Wynn Las Vegas, December 20th thru 22nd, 2012.

Dear Customers and Friends,

I'm writing to you today to invite you to the World of Art Showcase; an exclusive show for professional artists and galleries to sell their art and make important connections with serious art buyers and collectors.

To help artists achieve their rightful status in society and to provide the proper showcase environment, and to assemble under one roof at one time hundreds of painters with thousands of paintings. The effect will be unprecedented and dramatic. You, the artist, will be able to share your unique vision of how you see the world, share your dreams, your ideals, your views and of course your valuable insights into the artistic realm and the world we inhabit. You will be able to tell your stories through your art and let the world see what it could or should be.

Two massive ballrooms with over 70,000 square feet of space will house hundreds of booths of original, one of a kind, contemporary artworks. Booth space will be extremely limited as there are thousands of incredible painters in the USA. As the show's sponsor, Jerry's would like to give you our friends and customers a first chance to apply for booth space in this debut groundbreaking annual show. This show is the first of many avenues and journeys that we will jointly take with you to bring art to the front and center of the minds of the general public. It is the first event to purposely elevate the status of the artist, who has been an innovator throughout history and created the notion of thinking 'out of the box'.

Overall our goal is to increase your income and influence and allow you the freedom to create your art in a healthy and expanding art market. In the broader sense our goal is to create a rich understanding of art and to showcase its value in every home and office, in every town and city and in every heart and mind. Not only is art a great investment but it is uplifting and calming and should be part of the fabric of everyday life.

I look forward to having you join me and my wonderful team in this amazing endeavor,

David Goldstein

David B. Goldstein
Founder and CEO
World of Art Showcase

Artists and Galleries apply now.

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