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Artpacker Multi-Purpose Carrier Bag

Artpacker Multi-Purpose Carrier Bag

The Multi-Purpose Carrier For Artists

Made of black non-woven nylon, these bags can carry a huge amount of weight and fold down to go into virtually anything! They are light so they don't add extra baggage to your already heavy supplies. They are comfortable to use and keep valuable artwork and supplies free from dust, dirt and moisture.

Use The ArtPacker To Carry:

  • Paper, Pads, Boards and Canvases
  • Matted or Mounted Artworks
  • Supplies Of All Sorts
  • Framed Art

These bags are also great to use when shopping! Use the ArtPacker when you need to cover a large item, like sheets, towels, comforters, quilts, pillows, and clothing and save the plastic bag and help the environment!

With a 2.5" gusset width you'll find they carry a whole lot but cost so little. Keep one in your trunk, in your everyday bag, in the house and in your studio and never need to worry about covering anything that is large again! Unlike sheets they are water resistant and unlike plastic they are reusable.

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