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Derwent Watercolor Pencils and Sets

Aquatone Woodless Pencils - These lightfast, vibrant pencils feature a special composition that makes them fully soluble in water. Use them dry like normal color pencils, then wash over them with brush. You can even dip them in water to create a soft flow of color. A convenient, practical form of watercolor, these superb pencils are perfect in the studio and a joy when you're traveling. 

Artist's Watercolor Pencils - Vibrant pencils with a composition making them fully soluble in water. These pencils can be used dry like normal color pencils and then washed over with brush, or dipped in water to give a soft flow of color.

Graphitint Pencils - A true innovation in pencils, Graphitint combines the drama and creativity of graphite with a hint of soft, subtle color, which can be used wet or dry. Available in 24 beautiful tints from soft greys, blues, and greens to glowing russets, plums, and browns.

Inktense Pencils - When used with water, the vibrant colors explode onto the surface of your paper with a brilliance unmatched by any other watercolor pencils on the market. The colors are a bit more opaque than most, creating a true ink-like effect. Once dry, Inktense is permanent and cannot be lifted with water. This allows you to wash over your designs with other media and create spectacular effects.
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