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Essdee British Scraper Board and Accessories

The only product of its type entitled to be sold as “British Scraperboard” and hand-made to the highest quality specifications for more than fifty years. Essdee Scraperboard is used by illustrators, professional artists and students all over the world. Traditionally a monochrome engraving medium, the finished result is now increasingly coloured with transparent inks to provide a stunning visual impact.
The white board is used extensively as an airbrush and a watercolour surface. Due to its supersmooth kaolin coated surface, Essdee Scraperboard allows the artist to work in incredible detail facilitating extensive gray scale development on the black board and perfect photographic quality art work on the white board. Essdee Scraperboard is available in professional and commercial grades, the former having a double thickness coating of Kaolin giving greater depth for enhanced relief, inking over and re-working where necessary.
Plain aluminium (silver) or copper backed board is also available.

Sealing and Finishing Scratchboard Art

Seal finished Scratchboard art with a spray fixative like Krylon® UV Resistant Clear Coating or use the Krylon® UV Archival Spray Varnish. The fixative [or spray varnish] will dissolve fingerprints or smudges and will protect the surface from dirt and moisture. For best results, first remove all loose dust and debris from the surface with a soft brush. Then, spray with 2 - 3 coats [as directed on can] in a warm, well ventilated environment during low humidity.

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