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Shop for Derivan Liquid Pencil and Sets

A revolutionary new way to create dynamic sketches!

This innovative and exciting new medium is totally unique and will open up a world of possibilities in your artwork! Derivan Liquid Pencil allows you to sketch with a fluidity and expressiveness not previously attainable with conventional graphite media. Delivering the subtlety and creamy consistency of a paint, but with the sheen and burnish of graphite, Derivan Liquid Pencil is available in both Permanent and Rewettable formulas for a wide range of applications! Each formula is offered in 6 subtle shades, each with a definite graphite polish, and they can be easily thinned with water or acrylic mediums. Derivan Liquid Pencil comes in individual 50ml bottles or a convenient set of twelve 12ml tubes that makes a great starter kit or gift!

  • Drawing medium that behaves like a paint!
  • Creamy consistency can be thinned with water
  • 6 subtle shades
  • Burnishes up with a graphite sheen
  • Available in Permanent or Rewettable formulas
  • Individual 50ml jars or set of 12 small tubes
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