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SoHo Urban Artist Jumbo Artists' Soft Pastel Sticks

While we didn't invent the jumbo pastel, we made it a bigger, better value! These super pigmented soft pastels offer maximum color at a minimum investment. With the growing popularity of large-scale works, many pastel artists were seeking a jumbo stick for sketching, drawing, and use for backgrounds. The offerings on the market were slim- either expensive, poor quality, or not truly jumbo. After extensive testing, we have developed a stick with a size, shape, color range, and performance that is unmatched. The price point makes it a cost-efficient sketch media for multimedia artists and students alike, besides pastel artists. These highly pigmented, lightfast and non-toxic pastels will provide a surplus of broad, sweeping strokes on large and small surfaces. Use for backgrounds or on large scale pastel paintings, or in mixed-media applications. Available in Cardboard Box Sets of 12 or 24 Colors, and open stock in an incredible 60 colors!

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