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Sennelier Oil Pastels and Sets

The world's finest oil pastels!

In the 1940's, Pablo Picasso asked Henri Sennelier to create a completely new medium that had the qualities of both oil paint and soft pastels in an easy to apply stick form. Picasso told Henri he wanted a colored pastel that he could paint on anything: paper, canvas, wood, metal – without having to prepare the surface. This collaboration gave birth to Sennelier Oil Pastels. Simply pure, intensely colored drawing sticks with a creamy consistency and smoothness in application.

  • 120 sensual, luminous and opaque colors
  • Creamy, lipstick-like consistency is smooth and supple
  • For paper, canvas, wood, metal, ceramic, cardboard and more!
  • Can be thinned with turpentine or mineral spirits
  • Lightfast, non-toxic and acid free
  • The perfect plein aire medium!


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