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Holbein Drawing Inks

Vibrant pigmented inks for drawing, calligraphy, washes, and more!

Classic color makers Holbein have turned their considerable expertise into crafting this new line of fine artists' drawing inks. Made with finely ground, vividly colored pigments mixed in either an acrylic- or shellac-based binder, Holbein Drawing Inks are perfect for any artistic use, from drawing and illustration to calligraphy and brushwork! All 13 opaque or transparent colors come in 30ml bottles with precision droppers in the screw on top, and are all completely permanent once dry, making them the ideal choice for outlining in watercolor work when you want a wash of color over your linework. You're sure to be impressed by these brilliant, professional fine artists' drawing inks from Holbein!

  • Opaque (Special) Inks – These inks have an acrylic resin binder, making them perfect for permanent, opaque applications with either a dip pen or a brush. Can be thinned with acrylic airbrush medium for use in airbrushing applications.
  • Transparent (Regular) Inks – Vibrant pigments in a shellac-based binder make these a more traditional style of ink. Excellent for layering and transparent washes with a brush, or luminous linework and calligraphy.

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