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ArtPort Storage Boxes

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ArtPort 101 - Class Act Box
ArtPort 101 - Class Act Box
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ArtPort 101 - Class Act Box
ArtPort 101
ArtPort 105 - Do-Ops Large Box
ArtPort 105
ArtPort 110 - Do-Ops Medium Box
ArtPort 110
ArtPort 115 - Big Daddy! Box
ArtPort 115
ArtPort 120 - Small Tools Box
ArtPort 120
ArtPort 125 - Never Lost Box
ArtPort 125
Artport 142 - Goody Box
Artport 142
Artport 152 - Tres Bon! Petite Box
Artport 152
Artport 152 - Tres Bon! Petite Box
Artport 152
Artport 8010 - Flod™ Box
Artport 8010
ArtPort 8408 - Flipper™ Box
ArtPort 8408
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Rugged Art Boxes with a Purpose!

These rugged art boxes are splendid for storing and transporting your supplies. There is a ArtPort art box for any artist and any purpose.

ArtPort 101 - Class Act Box - This is our number one selling box for some very good reasons. It can hold all the basics for most class lists and fits in virtually any backpack or a large tote bag. Black with grey accent exterior with clear inner drawers makes this box good looking and practical too. This box with integrated handle and strong latch closure measures 13" long x 7.87" wide x 5.9" deep.

ArtPort 105 - Do-Ops Large Box - A very popular box since it provides a lot of options for the artist. Inside tray has handle and can be placed on any table to hold your most important tools. The large storage compartment below the tray provides 17" x 10" x 6" of useable space. Enough room for sets, paints, spray bottles, rags...just about any reasonable assortment. The top of the box has small item storage so they don't get lost in the other storage areas. Attractive in Black and Grey this box measures 17.7" long x 10.23" wide x 8.67" deep in size and features two latches and a handle.

ArtPort 110 - Do-Ops Medium Box - This Do-Ops box is smaller and more compact than the larger No. 105 box to fit into large backpacks and other travel cases. This box measures 15.55" long x 9.25" wide x 6.9" deep.

ArtPort 115 - "Big Daddy!" Box - While some of us can limit our needs for stuff most of us can't help but become collectors of supplies. This box gives you ample room to put in the "kitchen sink" if you need too! It is excellent for artists that use jar colors as the bottom can hold jars up to 32oz in size! Plus it features a lift out tray and top compartments to safely keep small items away from those large objects in the bottom! It is the most popular second box for artists who have outgrown their original box and want a box that can be durable, strong and huge! This box features an integrated handle and two strong latches. The "Big Daddy!" measures 22.25" long x 12.2" wide x 11.8" deep and has a black and grey exterior. If you have lots of small things to organize be sure to add to your purchase a No. 120 or No. 125 storage box or both!

ArtPort 120 - Small Tools Box - Made of translucent plastic it includes 4 compartments and a top small items tray. Overall size 9.25" long x 6.5" wide x 2.55" deep.

ArtPort 125 - Never Lost Box - Those small little paint tubes, your favorite pastel now worked to the bone, erasers and other remnants from past artistic campaigns can now be saved and retrieved easily. This box has 10 compartments and measures 11.8" long x 7.87" wide x 2.5" deep.

Artport 151 Trés Bon! Petite Art Box - As the French implies this is one very good box for artists of all skill levels and priced for any budget. It is made of recycled high impact plastic and has three inside cantilever trays that holds anything from a brush to a small sponge. The bottom compartment will hold jars up to a quart in size. Tote all your supplies comfortably with an easy grip handle that recesses for placing away in tight places. Measures 15.8" x 8" x 7.5."

Artport 152 Trés Bon! Art Box - This is one very good box for artists of all skill levels and priced for any budget. Made of recycled high-impact plastic with 3 inside cantilever trays that hold anything from a brush to a small sponge. The bottom compartment will hold jars up to a quart in size. Tote all your supplies comfortably with an easy-grip handle that recesses for placing away in tight places. Measures 19-4/5"x9-4/5"x9 4/5".

Artport 151 Flipper - This is an innovative translucent art box with side opening lid. It incorporates a lift out tray and a bottom compartment that is very versatile for holding a wide range of supplies. Even the lid of the box holds supplies so there is no wasted space. A heavy duty latch secures contents while traveling and the handle recesses into the lid to fit into tight places when not in use. (Some people like to use this box as a footrest and others think it is a coffee table. Some people buy many of them and build pyramids with them. Fill them with light, colorful objects and make mobiles with them.) This box measures 15" x 9.7" x 7.25" in size and is generally used as a practical storage box for artists.

Artport 8010 Flod - What do you call a flat case that is like a neat spaceage pod - Flod of course. They are really neat made of transparent polyproylene and featuring a built in carrying handle and sliding, lockable latches. Because it is transparent you can see what is inside so you can have a Flod for different media or types of supplies. Small enough so they can be put on a bookshelf and arranged so you can pull them out when you need them. The case measures 11" long x 7" wide x 3.5" deep. It holds everything from paint tubes to chamois.

Artport 142TM Goody Box - We all have too many small items that we need organized and too little room. This box is perfect for getting a control of all those things that you may need in the future but don't need now. You can buy multiple boxes and then easily search through these boxes to find what you need. This eliminates constantly buying things you already own or spending hours on a search and rescue mission. It will hold small handled brushes, tubes of paint, scissors, paper clips, rubber bands, glue and even those "unidentified objects" we all collect. The box has a transparent lid so you see inside easily. The box measures 9.4" x 7.6" x 2.15" deep and may be stacked in a side drawer or on a shelf. Measures 11.8" long x 7.87" wide x 2.5" deep.

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ArtPort Storage Boxes
ArtPort 101 - spacerArtPort 101 Class Act Box00798$19.50$11.99$10.49IN STOCK
ArtPort 105 - spacerArtPort 105 Do-Ops Large Box00804$36.50$25.99$20.79IN STOCK
ArtPort 110 - spacerArtPort 110 Do-Ops Medium Box00810$29.00$17.69$14.19IN STOCK
ArtPort 115 - spacerArtPort 115 Big Daddy Box00794$79.95$49.99$39.99IN STOCK
ArtPort 120 - spacerArtPort 120 Small Tools Box00800$9.50$6.49$5.19IN STOCK
ArtPort 125 - spacerArtPort 125 Never Lost Box00802$12.40$7.99$6.39IN STOCK
ArtPort 142 - spacerArtPort 142 Goody Box86039$8.95$5.99$4.79IN STOCK
ArtPort 151 - spacerArtPort 151 Petite Tres Bon Box86040$26.95$17.99$14.39IN STOCK
ArtPort 152 - spacerArtPort 152 Tres Bon Art Box86041$42.95$26.99$19.99IN STOCK
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