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Oil Color Paints and Mediums

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What Are Oil Paints?

Oil paints (oil-based paints) are highly regarded in the artist community and one of the most versatile forms of painting. Oil paint gives a "richness" and depth of colour that is unsurpassed by any other medium and many professionals will only use oil paints. They take a long time to dry, but the results are amazing. These oil based paints can be blended, which is an added benefit when you are trying to achieve certain colors. Oil paints are known for being durable and holding their color for a long time and are slow to dry, which allows and artist to rework the paint to achieve the desired effect. Many artists today consider oil painting to be the fundamental art medium. Our best selling well-known oil paints include LUKAS 1862, Soho Oils, DaVinci, Holbein, Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton, Maimeri, and Sennelier.

Choose from our list below of best selling artist brands:
Chelsea Classical Studio Mediums
Charvin Artist Oil Colors and Mediums
LUKAS Oil Colors and Mediums
Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors and Mediums
SoHo Urban Artist Oil Colors and Sets
12 Shades of Grey Oil Colors and Sets
Michael Harding Artists Oil Colours Mediums and Sets
Old Holland Classic Oil Colors and Mediums
Williamsburg Oil Paints and Mediums
Blockx Oil Colors and Mediums
Bob Ross Oil Colors, Mediums and Accessories
C.A.S. AlkydPro Fast-Drying Oil Colors and Mediums
Caran d'Ache Neocolor I Oil Crayon Sets
Da Vinci Artists' Oil Colors and Mediums
Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colors and Accessories
Dorland's Wax Medium
Dry Pigments and Binder Mediums
Eco-House Extra Mild Citrus Thinner
Genesis Heat-Set Artist Oil Colors and Mediums
Grumbacher Oil Colors and Mediums
Lefranc & Bourgeois Artists' Oil Colors and Mediums
Maimeri Oil Colors and Mediums
Marie's Artists' Oil Colour Set
Pelikan PLAKA Casein Emulsion Paint
R&F Oil Pigment Sticks and Sets
Richeson Oils - The Shiva Series
Schmincke Mussini Fine Artists' Oil Colors and Mediums
Sennelier Oil Colors and Mediums
Shiva Oil Paints, Casein Colors and Mediums
Talens Oil Colors and Mediums
Weber Permalba Oil Colors and Mediums
Wilson Bickford Artist Oil Mediums
Wilson Bickford Artist Oil Paints
Winsor & Newton Oil Colors and Mediums
M. Graham Oil Colors and Mediums
Holbein Oil Colors and Mediums

Quick Tips:

Remember, you can't use soap and water to clean oil paints out of your brushes. It is best to soak them in some type of paint thinner or alcohol. Jerry's Artarama Art Supplies has a wide variety of different artist oil paints and mediums at the lowest prices. We have several lines of exclusive, high quality oil colors, including Charvin Extra Fine Oil Colors, a jewel from the French Riviera that was used by Cezanne. Jerry's is the exclusive supplier of Lukas Oil Colors and Mediums, Soho Oils, Charvin and Turner.

In addition to acrylic paints, Jerry's carries a wide selection of art canvas, brushes, paper, easels, watercolor paints, and pastels at the lowest prices for your next project.


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