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Matisse Background Colors

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Perfect for priming, painting, decorating and more!
Perfect for priming, painting, decorating and more!
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Perfect for priming, painting, decorating and more!
Matisse Background Colors make an ideal colored gesso!
Background Color 250 ml jar
Background Color 4 litre pail
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Highly pigmented, low-tooth gesso for various applications!

This revolutionary new paint and primer from Australia's premier acrylics producer has taken the art world by storm! Matisse Background Colors are a highly-pigmented, low-tooth gesso that can be used for anything from creating tinted grounds for pastels to stenciling and interior design!

Use Matisse Background Colors as the base paint for crackle finishes, for stenciling designs and patterns, as a primer for paint and pastels – even as a flat, decorative wall paint! They spread easily with a brush or a roller and can be intermixed to create custom shades, and the built-in sealer protects virtually any surface you apply them to. Mix Background Colors with Matisse Transparent Gesso to add even more tooth! Opaque and versatile, these unique primers are sure to come in handy for any number of applications!

  • Premium, low-tooth colored gesso
  • Unique Australian formula!
  • Highly pigmented and lightfast
  • Clean with soap and water
  • Built-in sealer protects surfaces
  • Perfect for priming, painting, decorating and more!

 Artist Endorsed
"I use Matisse Structure Acrylics for a thick textured, bold impasto look and Matisse Flow Acrylics for the smooth, highly detailed results. They are also excellent for covering large areas….I am completely sold on Matisse Acrylics. I highly encourage every artist, professional or pleasure painter, to experience these paints for themselves."
- Andy Russell, Professional Artist
Read more about why Professional Artist Andy Russel loves Matisse Acrylics.

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Matisse Background Colors
Matisse Background Color - Antique Bluespacer250 ml JarAntique Blue73160$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Antique Greenspacer250 ml JarAntique Green73161$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Blushspacer250 ml JarBlush73162$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Brownspacer250 ml JarBrown73163$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Burgundyspacer250 ml JarBurgundy73164$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Capitol Bluespacer250 ml JarCapitol Blue73165$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Capitol Orangespacer250 ml JarCapitol Orange73166$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Capitol Purplespacer250 ml JarCapitol Purple73167$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Capitol Siennaspacer250 ml JarCapitol Sienna73168$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Caromellospacer250 ml JarCaromello73169$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - China Redspacer250 ml JarChina Red73170$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Creamspacer250 ml JarCream73171$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Daisy Yellowspacer250 ml JarDaisy Yellow73172$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Folk Blackspacer250 ml JarFolk Black73173$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Forest Greenspacer250 ml JarForest Green73174$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Gum Tree Greenspacer250 ml JarGum Tree Green73175$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Haymarketspacer250 ml JarHaymarket73176$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Heritage Bluespacer250 ml JarHeritage Blue73177$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Heritage Redspacer250 ml JarHeritage Red73178$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Leaf Greenspacer250 ml JarLeaf Green73179$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Lichen Greyspacer250 ml JarLichen Grey73180$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Midnight Bluespacer250 ml JarMidnight Blue73181$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
spacer4 Litre PailMidnight Blue73219$159.95$87.26$71.49IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Matisse Background Color - Off Whitespacer250 ml JarOff White73182$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Olive Green Deepspacer250 ml JarOlive Green Deep73183$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Olive Green Lightspacer250 ml JarOlive Green Light73184$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Pale Beigespacer250 ml JarPale Beige73185$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Pale Greyspacer250 ml JarPale Grey73186$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Pimentospacer250 ml JarPimento73187$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Ritz Bluespacer250 ml JarRitz Blue73188$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Strawspacer250 ml JarStraw73189$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Terra Cottaspacer250 ml JarTerra Cotta73190$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Turquoisespacer250 ml JarTurquoise73191$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Victoria Pinkspacer250 ml JarVictoria Pink73192$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Victorian Greyspacer250 ml JarVictorian Grey73193$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Whisper Bluespacer250 ml JarWhisper Blue73194$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Whisper Greenspacer250 ml JarWhisper Green73195$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Whisper Pinkspacer250 ml JarWhisper Pink73196$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Whitespacer250 ml JarWhite73197$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
Matisse Background Color - Winter Bluespacer250 ml JarWinter Blue73198$19.25$11.49$8.58IN STOCK
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