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Digital Painting & Drawing

Digital Painting & Drawing

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Digital Painting & Drawing

Technology abounds in outlets where convenience is scarce.

In our modern world, almost everyone is toting around some sort of touchscreen device, whether it be an iPhone, tablet or touchscreen laptop. And while the experience of traditional art can never be replaced, there are now more convenient ways to practice and participate in the new phenomenon of digital art. From our touchscreen devices, we're now able to create works of art similar to what we could accomplish in a well-stocked art studio. A digital painting or drawing can be accomplished with virtually no clean up time and with a fraction of the tools needed for traditional art, such as painting or pastel drawing. Painting can now be benefited from in the most unlikely of areas; Hospitals for art therapy, long flights on an airplane or when children need a distraction at restaurants are only a few. The places where this new form of art can be enjoyed are endless. Both the Android Market and the App Store support many applications that are specifically for digital art exploration.