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Rules and Entry Procedures


Contest Overview

Jerry’s Artarama is searching to find the next art stars in North America, as part of the largest and most exciting contest in the 40 year history of our company!

We invite you to enter the Art Stars: My Art Journey Contest to showcase your personal story and art skills. There is no purchase required or contest entry fee, and you could win $4,000 in prizes.

Artists are challenged to create a video with a maximum runtime of up to 8 minutes to share their passion for art. Your video must include the following subjects, which collectively communicate a summary of your personal art journey:

• Short biography of your life
• Importance of art and how it has changed your life
• Demonstrate one art tip or technique
• Show your artwork

Contest Awards

  • 1st Prize

    - $1,000 Jerry’s Artarama Gift Card
    - $1,000 World of Art DVD Contract
    - $1,000 Trip to Burning Oak Studios
    - Publc Relations Campaign

Lights ... Camera ... Action! Take a trip to Burning Oaks Studios in Raleigh, NC to star in your very own art instruction DVD on The World of Art DVD brand. Trip expenses include transportation, meals and lodging. In addition, you will star in your own free art lesson which will be available for family, friends and aspiring artists to see worldwide on the Jerry’s Artarama website!

Public Relations Campaign – Press releases will be sent to art publications, including your home town newspaper, art magazines and major social networking sites such as Twitter and MySpace.

  • 2nd Prize - $500 Jerry’s Artarama Gift Card
  • 3rd Prize - $250 Jerry’s Artarama Gift Card
  • 5 Honorable Mentions - $50 Jerry’s Gift Card
  • Everyone Who Enters - Instantly receive an exclusive coupon for a FREE World of Art DVD of your choice with any purchase of $50 or more, valued up to $29.99.

Contest Winners Gallery

Winners of the Art Stars: My Art Journey Contest will be featured on the official Art Stars Contest You Tube Channel and in a special gallery on the Jerry’s Artarama web site until June 30, 2010.

Contest Eligibility

Open to all artists 14 years or older residing in the United States, Canada or Mexico. For artists under 18 years of age, participation must be approved by a parent or guardian prior to entry.

All artwork must be original and not previously used by Jerry’s Artarama in any of its advertising or promotions. Artists with existing World of Art brand free art lessons are not eligible to enter this contest.

Entry in this contest establishes an agreement on the part of the artist to all conditions outlined in the official rules and entry procedures, and is a contract to exhibit your video entry for contest judging.

Contest Requirements

Your completed video file and contest entry form should be submitted below, and all required materials must be submitted together.

Contest entries accepted from October 1st to December 31, 2009.

Limit one contest entry per artist.

Video file size is limited to 50 MB.

Accepted video file formats include .FLV, .MOV, .WMV, MPEG and .MP4

All entries must be in English and copyright free.

All entries will be subject to mandatory screening by Jerry’s Artarama management to assure that the video content is acceptable for public viewing and to determine that all of the required subject matter has been included.

By submitting your video to the Art Stars Contest, you give authorization for Jerry’s Artarama to use your video without cost or restrictions for any future advertising or promotions of our choosing.

Contest Judging

Preliminary Judging: Beginning on January 11, 2010, all contest entries will be reviewed by the management of Jerry’s Artarama, and the most outstanding videos will be selected to advance to final judging.

Final Judging: The prize winners of the Art Stars Contest will be selected based on the most popular contest videos on You Tube, using their online viewership meter for the period of February 1 to April 30, 2010. Each viewing of Art Stars Contest videos will be considered as one vote.

1st prize will be awarded to the video with the highest viewership. In the case of a tie, the management of Jerry’s Artarama will then determine the prize winners.

Sample Video

Excited about entering the Art Stars Contest but wondering where to start with filming your video? Visit to watch a sample video from renowned watercolorist Tom Jones.

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