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Shop for Performen Watercolor Brushes and Sets

Without giving away our trade secrets, we can say this: Performen uses a very special, Italian-made wooden handle. It has special grooves that allow your fingers to move the brush like no other. The handle is balanced and non-polished so there is no chance for slip-ups either. The nickel-plated seamless ferrules are made of a thick gauge metal so hairs can be held firmly without the possibility of damage. The hair is hand tied and formed to make a split-proof ultra-fine point. When placed into the ferrule, this hair provides an unbelievably springy, responsive action. 

Each brush is made by expert brush makers who place their Performen brushes in individual plastic tubes to ensure they are protected for life. Jerry's prices are up to 75% off retail, allowing you to enjoy our brushes at bargain prices with no quantity limitations or minimum purchase amounts. With our unconditional 30 Day Money Back guarantee, you owe it to yourself to try these brushes!
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