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Watercolor and Decorative Brushes

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Watercolor and Decorative Brushes

Jerry's carries a wide variety of best watercolor brushes for watercolor painting as well as painting in tempera and gouache. Watercolor brushes in all shapes and sizes including round, flat, filbert, fan, oval, dagger striper, rake, hake, script liner, spotter, shader, wash, angular, deerfoot stippler and other specialty shapes! All grades of hairs and styles—from synthetic hair to finest kolinsky sable.


Jerry's carries watercolor brushes that are made of hair and bristle from around the world including Russian red sable, Kolinsky, male Kolinsky, ox ear hair, squirrel, blue squirrel, Siberian squirrel, synthetic, grand sable, white sable, golden taklon, white taklon and Chung King bristle. We also carry quills made of natural or synthetic quills.


Top Watercolor Brush Brands brands: Creative Mark, Isabey, Raphael, Silver Brush Ltd, Robert Simmons, Royal Brush, Winsor & Newton and more!