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Shop for Escoda Versatil Synthetic Kolinsky Brushes

The Escoda Versatil Synthetic Kolinsky Brushes feature an exceptional snap, superior absorption and incredible fluid retention. This brush has been field tested worldwide by artists and their feedback exceeded all expectations. They agree that Versatil has the feel and spring of a high-quality kolinsky sable brush, as well as a perfect point.

"I believe that all watercolorists, no matter what their level of expertise, would find these brushes superior to most brushes on the market. Experienced painters will find that these brushes handle as well or better than many kolinsky brushes."

- I. McCracken (USA)

"Incredible. The Versatil has no difference from pure kolinsky, only better. I couldn't believe it was possible before I tried...."

- K. Sterkhov (Russia)

"Honestly, I feel the new sample Versatil is a much better alternative to kolinsky hair" 

- C. Panda (India)

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