Win the trip of a lifetime to Australia in the Matisse Derivan Create Your Color Contest

You can still enter through March 30th, 2014 online!

If you’re an artist who has dreamt of painting their way through the outback, you’re dream has never been closer to becoming reality! We are still accepting submissions in our Create Your Color Contest with Matisse Derivan. The rules are simple, show us a color you’ve invented by mixing on your palette and tell us what you used and what you use that color for. All colors will go through a period of voting, and if selected as a finalist, Matisse Derivan will make your color we will set it online through Jerry’s Artarama. If you’re color is the most popular, we’ll send you to Australia for the trip of a lifetime. Matisse Acrylics are still looking hard for the next color to add to their already wonderful acrylic colors and needs your help!

So far, we are about halfway through this year’s contest and we have already received hundreds of new color submissions so far. People are pumped to get their colors out there and win a fantastic trip to Australia. But don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to enter.

How to enter:

Make sure you have all of the following items prepared, then enter the art contest and fill out the contest entry form.

1 Photo of the color swatch for your created color.

1 Photo of whatever inspired you to create your color

1 Photo of a piece of artwork you painted using your color.

A brief description of why this color is important and what inspired you to create it (see example below)

A detailed list of all colors used to mix your custom color. Please include brand name, color name and any pigment numbers or other identifying features found on the paint tubes.

Optional: A video that shows you mixing/making your color with an explanation of how and why it was created. Upload your video to youtube, then copy the link to the video and paste it into the contest entry form. 

How are the winners determined?

After all entries have been submitted on the Jerry’s website contest page (art contests), the color swatches will be posted to Facebook where our fan community will have the chance to vote for their favorites. 10 colors will be chosen by our fans and your friends on Facebook. 10 other colors will be chosen by jury. From there, a separate jury of professional artists who will narrow it down to the top 5 colors which will be manufactured and will be excitingly put up for sale exclusively on

We will then feature the top 5 winning colors on our website. Whichever color sells the best over the first 8 months of availability will be the grand prize winner of the trip to 2 to Australia! 

Sample Entry:

To learn more about Matisse, Check out Matisse Derivan: The Company, The Acrylics, The Vision!

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