Whats the Buzz- Weber Permalba White Oil Colors and Value Packs

What people really think about “the ultimate in artists’ white color”

If you haven’t already tried Weber Permalba White in your oil paintings, you might want to consider it for a couple of reasons. Its received so many positive reviews on our website, artists will not stop talking about it and sharing with us their work they’ve done with  it. Permalba White is an exclusive blend of titanium and other pigments giving it a brilliant white. It is acid and alkali resistant so it wont yellow or discolor. This fine paint delivers true color value with exceptional brilliance and has no tendency to crack due to it’s buttery consistency that dries to an elastic-like film.

The real question is, do the artists who use Permalba white agree with this positive description of it? And whats more, does it have a good value? Should you try it yourself? Let these satisfied reviewers help you make these decisions in this edition of Whats the Buzz:

Painted with Permalba White, The Old Days of Surfing sent in by Ron from CA

As a full time professional artist, I go through many tubes of paint each week. It seems like white is the one I run short of most often. Purchasing Permalba White oils in a very economical three pack assures me that I will have what I need when I need it. Original Permalba is a superb white, soft and buttery from the tube, but with a surprising weight and opacity compared with other brands. Original Permalba White in a three pack is a best value and quality paint for professionals or beginners.“- Frank Wilson, CA

The buttery texture, solid and even color, and blending ability of these paints are the best I have found. The value packs available are one of the best deals anywhere.“- Chafinworks, NH

As a professional painter I love a great buy. I always use Permalba paints, they are crisp and beautiful everytime.“- Tee, PA

I use a lot of white paint, doesn’t everyone? I shared this with fellow students, no one can beat this price.“-Rosemary, CO

 Weber Permalba oil colors are a great value. As an oil painter, white is one of the colors you will use most as an underpainting and by blending it with other colors to make new ones. The value pack being referenced in the reviews above is Jerry’s exclusive Impasto Combo Value Pack including three 150ml tubes of Permalba White with an added bonus of 150ml tube of Permalba Impasto Medium (Shown Above).

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Weber Permalba White 150ml Oil Color
Weber Permalba White 150ml Oil Color

But besides the great value being offered with Permalba White oil colors, lets see what else artists are saying about it:

I am an artist and this is my first choice for white in oils.“- Connie, NC

Because of how smooth it is, it is so easy to work with…especially when you mix it with the color! It saves a lot of time!“- Barbara Lee, CA

I use Permalba for all my oil painting needs. It’s super smooth buttery quality is terrific for my style and working wonderful with a loaded brush.“- Ron, CA (see paintings=>)

If you need more proof of why you need to start using Permalba White in your oil painting, rush over to the Weber Permalba White and Value Packspage at Jerry’s Artarama Online Superstore and look at the other reviews under the “reviews” tab where it currently has a 4.5/5 star customer rating. And as always, keep letting us know what you think of your favorite products. We always appreciate your feedback and watch out for more What’s the Buzz coming up soon where you might see your own review!

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