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Trick or Treat in Style this year!

In this spooky edition of Whats the Buzz, we’re looking at one of our favorite Halloween products for kids. This week, lets look at Snazaroo Face Paint and Snazaroo Face Painting Kits, a great way to dress up for Halloween and get creative!

Numerous studies have proven that facepaint is safer than wearing masks and children out trick or treating are more likely to see oncoming traffic with facepaint on rather than a bulky mask. Plus, Snazaroo Face Paints are a safe facepaint for your face. They are all made by hand with quality, non-toxic, cosmetically approved ingredients. They are compliant with all FDA regulations. Snazaroo is hypo-allergenic so there’s no skin agitation. And, all Snazaroo paints are water-based, so after your fun night of trick or treating, the paint comes right off with soap and water. 

They work great for days like Halloween, trunk or treats, kids parties, church fairs or any event where kids are present. They work on adults too though so parents don’t be afraid to match your kids.

We’ve gotten multiple reviews, emails, comments and even people calling to let us know exactly how much they love Snazaroo. Remember that if you have something to say about one of our products, be sure to leave us a comment. Now lets get to what real artists had to say about our favorite facepaint. Check out what all the buzz is about with Snazaroo Face Paint:

I love Snazaroo Face Paint. I’m a professional face painter and just about my whole pallet is made up of Snazaroo Paint. As a professional, I find there are a couple of things that tend to be important time and again. One is speed, the other is consistency and another is the return customer.

Snazaroo is easy to apply simply by wetting a brush or sponge, dragging it across the paint a couple of times, then applying it to the skin. Because it is this easy I am able to do what I do best in record time.

Snazaroo has brilliant colors that are fairly durable and easy to remove. Because of the brilliant colors, transformations can be quite wonderful. My favorite part of face painting is watching children look in the mirror for the first time. Dry time on a newly applied face generally doesn’t take much longer than a minute or two. Kids like this because it is less time they have to worry about smudging. And moms like the fact that the paint is easily removed. I think the most common question I get is ‘how do I get it off?’. My most common response is ‘water’. Other than the highly pigmented black, red, dark blue, and green I have been able to remove paint with a wet rag or baby wipes. Some of the colors do need a little soap but it is still very gentle. This is popular with the moms and it shows with the repeat customers I see every year“-Cyndi McKnight, NC


Face painting with Snazaroo by Cyndi McKnight

Love the paints, they are easy to use and the colors are great. I have not had a problem with them at all, the colors are true and not soft or mushy. I would recommend them to others who face paint, as a hobby or a job.”-Xee, VA

Bought this for my daughter who loves to face paint younger children. This blew her mind! 5 stars“-Silver, NY

We used Snazaroo face paint during our Church Street Fair. We had a great turn out of children, and we were able to paint well over 65 faces. The paint was long lasting and easy to remove. We used the paint on children 3 and older with no problems of break outs. Very pleased with this product and looking forward to our next event to do it all over again.”-Tyrena and Shaquille the great team, NY

For those that arent as artistic or creative as some as our reviewers, the Snazaroo face painting kits come with  step by step instructions on some designs. Cheri the Party Planner from Rangely, CO had this to say about Snazaroo, “We used this kit for our daughter’s 4th birthday party and it was a huge hit! The paints are excellent to work with and the booklet that comes with the kit gives step-by-step instructions for many different designs. I highly recommend this kit.

There you have it folks, Snazaroo is gentle on the face, applies easily, has brilliant colors, and cleans off with barely more than water. Let us know what you think about Snazaroo and remember to leave us comments or email us on all of your favorite products and maybe you’ll see your own comment on next week’s Whats the Buzz!

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