What’s the Buzz – Old Holland Classic Oil Colors

We’re back for a New Year and New Products for you!

Happy New Year! This year, get ready for more buzz on your favorite art supplies and materials. Today we’re looking at Old Holland Classic Oil Colors because you all cant stop raving about it. 


Old Holland was established in 1664 and is the worlds oldest artists’ paint manufacturer! They’ve been making paint so long, most artists trust them intrinsically. Even the finest painters such as Van Gogh, Vermeer, Van Ruysdael and other dutch master painters used Old Holland. And why not, their colors are almost completely lightfast, are free of any cheap fillers or artificial driers and have a great concentration of pigments. All this together gives Old Holland’s colors great covering power, brilliant color strength and intensity. 

Now lets hear what our artists have to say about Old Holland and you can decide for yourself whether you want to try out this great paint for yourself!

Old Holland provides constant quality. The colours are varied and contribute to a beautifully finished art piece.“- Valorie, Ottawa Canada

The Rolls Royce of paint- in my opinion“- Pam, CT

I have used Old Holland paints for 10 years and I have introduced my adult students to Old Holland for the past 6 years. I paint and teach landscapes and figures in classical oil and use a lot of glazing and translucent and transparent paints. In both the transparent and opaque paints, the pigment is outstanding.“- Amelie, FL

These paints are expensive at first glance but the tinting strength is so strong that they last much longer than other brands. The chrome is stronger than most other brands and the paint does not dry up over time.”- David, Australia

The amount of pigment Old Holland packs into their tubes is impressive and makes them actually a value when you consider how far the paint will go. You can tell by weight alone that the tubes are packed with pigment which make for incredibly rich color saturated paintings“- Old Pro Painter, CO

There is very little that I can say about the quality of Old Holland Oil paints as I have used them for years for a reason. I love the saturation of the pigments and the fact taht they go a long way. Also Old Holland offers a wonderful selection of colors. I was happy to be able to purchase these colors on sale.“- Wildcloud, NC

“Beautiful, rich colors”

And finally, three quick ones from excited artists

I love this paint, beautiful colors you just can not find anywhere else! And pure pigment.“- Dar, IL

This is the best of oil paints!“- Shelly, NY

Vibrant colors, smooth. I like Old Holland the best!“- Rick, FL

These are real artists opinions of Old Holland Oil Colors. I’d say thats some good buzz about this fantastic paint. And for more good news about this paint, it’s now on sale for 40% off list price. Get 40ml tubes now for as low as $9.95! This is an unbelievable deal on an unbelievably good paint. Don’t miss out!


And remember, keep letting us know what you think about your favorite products and we’ll keep posting reviews here each week on Whats the Buzz?



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