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“More Money doesn’t always mean Higher Quality”

In todays edition of Whats the Buzz we are looking at Matisse Structure Acrylics. We did a company profile on Matisse a couple of months ago (you can find our blog article – Matisse Derivan), and you all have responded by asking questions and leaving us more comments about the paint than ever before. We love to hear from our customers and fans about what our products have done for them and how we can continue to bring them even more top-quality art supplies. Our readers responded and there is definitely a Big Buzz about this professional acrylic paint, and why not? Derivan, the Australian-based company behind the Matisse Structure line holds contests to see who can recycle the most paint tubes, gives away bikes to their employees to help the environment and cares about their paint!

Matisse Structure Acrylics are the perfect heavy body, high viscosity artist’s acrylic. They are heavily pigmented with brilliant colors and made with no masking agents. The vibrant colors included in the line are a big plus with all of their fans, and with 96 brilliant colors to choose from, who would complain?  in use, they are great for heavy, impasto use and their thick texture gives birth to some beautifully textured work like these below.

“Dawn at the Waterhole”

Painted with Matisse Structure. “I love the unique colors.“-Joan, NC

“Nautica 1”

Matisse’s vast range of color allows me to create with vivid brilliance large abstracts that command the attention of the observers eye. Of all the acrylics that I have used professionally (and I’ve used plenty), none has the complete range of color than that of Matisse. Their Australian colors seem to find their way onto my palette, especially Southern Ocean Blue and Australian Sienna. The rich jewel tones I achieve with this color line of acrylics is unsurpassed.” -Joe D, NC

As you can see above, the range of vibrant, brilliant colors is amazing. Now lets see what others have to say about the quality of Matisse Structure Acrylics.

They’ve developed some brilliant jewel colors down there in Australia“-Big Duke, NY

I love the color choices in the two sets that I bought. These paints do not disappoint – they apply easily and are of a great, buttery consistency!“-Dustdevil, MD

This product goes smoothly on the canvas and the color is rich and true to the description. It feels like no other brand I’ve used.“- Ella, CT

I am a teacher as well as a professional artist. I really like Matisse structure because of the way it builds up on the canvas and the brilliance in the colors are incredible. They also blend very nicely.“-Nicki, NC

Even professional artist Andy Russell had this to say about Matisse Structure:

I use Matisse Structure Acrylics for a thick textured, bold impasto look. They are also excellent for covering large areas…I am completely sold on Matisse Acrylics. I hghly encourage every artist, professional or pleasure painter to experience these paints for themselves.

An Amazing Value

Now, we’ve saved the best for last and the Number 1 thing that artists love about the Matisse Structure acrylics line is the PRICE! Artists have buzzed so much about the price of these acrylics that at Jerry’s Artarama, if you don’t think that Matisse Structure Acrylics are as good or better than other brands, we’ll give you your money back! And if you want proof that you’ll love this paint, check out what other artists had to say about the price:

Never have I ever found such a perfect paint for this kind of low price. The colors are vivid and the texture matches for thick rich backgrounds in my paintings. At the price offered, I’m able to use gratuitous paint and paint more often than I would be able to with other brands!“- Donald, NY

You guys hit it out of the park with this paint, it’s an unprecedented value for the price listed. As an art teacher, I have all of my students pick up the Structure line. Most classes have to require cheaper paints, but when the price is right, you’ve got to go for it!“-Pguy6969, TX

The Matisse Acrylic paints are a high quality product offered at a reasonable price. Their rich variety of colors make them a preferred product.“-Steve, CA

Love the price on the structure, its the only acrylic I use.”-Lisa, IL

There you have it folks. And thats it for this week’s edition of Whats the Buzz. Remember, we love to hear what you have to say and always listen so make sure to get in touch with us, email us or make sure to leave us comments in the space below or check out the Matisse Structure Acrylics page and let us know what you think of Matisse Structure and our other products and you might see yourself on another Whats the Buzz!

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