What Real Users Have to Say About These Palette Knives

What’s the Buzz- Creative Mark Painter’s Edge Palette Knives

Find Out What Real Users Have to Say About our Popular Palette Knives

Creating art with a paleete knife

In this edition of What’s the Buzz, we will be seeing what real customers and artists have had to say about the Creative Mark Painter’s Edge Palette Knives, one of our most popular brands of palette knives!

These Italian style palette knives have been best sellers for years now and offer a great alternative to brushes. The wonderful thing about palette knives is that they are easier to clean and can adhere straight color to the canvas or board. They can offer infinitely more texture than brushes and have just the right amount of give for the perfect painting response.

Many artists like them because of their composition and value. Creative Mark offers 60 different shapes for an incredible variety of movements and styles to put your paint to canvas. Each blade is fixed into its wooden handle with the aid of a brass collar, and the comfort-grip handles feature a deep walnut stain for beauty and durability. Many artists like that even if they do manage to bend their knife blades, they can bend right back into shape because of their more rigid composition.

Check out this short video to learn more about how to use these palette knives with Mike Rooney:

Now, see what the buzz is all about and exactly why our customers cant stop clamoring for these perfect palette knives:

“I have only used 2 out of the 7 I ordered so far. I only got them the day before yesterday. These knives are well made and have a good feel to them. Handle is well balanced and the tension is just right on the blade.”- Anonymous

“Bought this for a workshop I took in Italy because a metal palette knife was required. While some may say it’s ‘just’ a palette knife, it’s really the craftmanship that makes the difference. Lightweight, flexible, durable and easy to use, I’m never picking up a plastic palette knife again! It really made a difference in the mixing and application of paint.”- KQM

“Traditional knives, like Liquitex, are plain steel and lose their finish in water-based media. These are stiffer than some, but still fine. I would happily buy them at full Jerry’s price, on any sale they are a great deal. I use heavy-body acrylic paint, sometimes mixed with gels on boards and panels. Any other knife shapes with sharp points are hard to use, scratch the work and are way more trouble than they are worth. These are an excellent value.”-Kustererartworks

“I love these knives. They are so much better than plastic knives because they clean up easier, they don’t wear down and they don’t break or bend as easy as plastic. These knives come in many shapes and sizes to meet all your artistic needs.”- Tab the painter

“I am new to knife painting, but I find these to be well balanced, just the right blend of stiffness and flexibility. I’m using them with acrylics. You can’t beat the price. I now use them to mix colors, even when painting with a brush.”- amateur artist

“I have used palette knives for over 40 years and finally found replacement knives as my old company went out of business. Will be ordering more in the future.”– Anonymous

“I use the product with patching plaster to create texture for watercolor paintings. It has just the right amount of firmness, but flexible and the size and shape allows me to create many different textures.”- Anonymous

“Top quality for the price. I’ve tried a number of different brands of palette knives and these are great. The quality is great for the price. If I drop it and bend the edge, I know that I can order another of the same size and get the same quality.”- Anonymous

Have you tried Creative Mark Painter’s Edge Palette Knives yet? What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments below.

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