What Works for You? by Deb Bartos

I’m now doing a seasonal blog for Jerry’s (four times a year) as this works for me. Winter is the perfect
time for soul-searching, organizing,  and removing the clutter to make room for the new life that
appears in spring.

I’ve always liked to look at life in seasons, and love them all. They all have their own beauty, and their
changing nature reminds me first that change is possible and secondly, not to take the present for
granted, as of course, it doesn’t last. It’s meant to be enjoyed in the moment.

My title of “what works for you” this month is because I’m asking myself this question. I want to
streamline my life so I have time for what matters to me.  I’m finding ways to make space for my art
and decrease the clutter in my life. I have cleaned my studio, removed anything that isn’t about art,
and color-coded my art inventory list. Now I know what I have, where I have it, and how much its
worth. There are many less distractions and a greater ability to focus on the task at hand.

I’m reading “The Fifth Agreement” by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz.
The Toltec (artist) wisdom is mastery of awareness, transformation, and love. What
a great reminder of the process we enter in art. Creating art is life in the moment, therefore, it is Life.

My winter wish for you is to learn your own wisdom from the process. It is, after all, the journey of Life.
La chiem! And keep on painting!

Deb Bartos



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