The Morning Password by M Theresa Brown

So it begins when I decide to not procrastinate and work in the office rather than my studio.  I go to check my personal online banking account to make a payment and realize that I changed the password (since it kept telling me to) and silly me did not write it down. At least I don’t think so as I could not find it. Heck it happened while I was watching some TV show (not sure which one) so I think the bank made the whole damn thing up…..but I looked “just in case.”

Maybe you are one of those people who can remember all the user names and passwords of all 200 online places you visit on your computer but I, no. I have to write them all down. My original neatly printed out rendition has since become covered in my writer’s scrawl as passwords change……what possessed me to think that I could “just remember” the new one and write it down later is beyond me. Especially to a bank account.

So after a few attempts, I was locked out, had to make several phone calls to the “BANKING CENTER” (big deep voice as you read this please) and had to haul my husband Steve to the phone because the joint account online does not recognize me as the nice lady who pays all the bills and supports their BANKING CENTER (deep, sonorous tones must again issue forth when you speak the name ) salaries and some high pitched nasal voice on the phone line is “feeling for my dilemma” sending me yet again to an online form to “fix the problem”……It may make you feel better to know that THEY can’t see your password either. LOL-that really helps when changing the password I don’t remember.

Eventually of course, (where, btw,  I did not wake up expecting to have to deal with this__ )  the problem was handled and partly resolved…..well, sort of-I can get online now….. but must physically go to my bank to prove that I am who I am to access my own money. Just think.  I purposefully put my money in the bank so I could enjoy trying to retrieve it.

I am happy. I have vented 🙂

I think I need a newer, cleaner password sheet. Should I? As in right now?

Nah-going to the studio……………….

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