Which Ampersand Panel is Right for Your Art?

Why Trust Your Art to Anything Less?

For a surface that will accommodate mixed media better than others, Ampersand’s panels can handle any job! Ampersand Panels are perfect for everything from encaustic paints and collage to oil and water-miscable paints, inks, graphite, colored pencils, casesin and even egg tempera. You name it, Ampersand can take it. And right now, only at Jerry’s Artarama online, you can find a wide selection of Ampersand Panels at an unprecedented 60% off while supplies last during our 60% Off Ampersand Panel Sale! 

Why Should You Really Use Ampersand Panels for your Art?

No other panel on the market today has the archival properties that protect artist’s work like Ampersand. Their panels are protected by Archival-Seal barrier technology, an advanced formula that prevents discoloration and yellowing.

Are they good for the Environment?

Ampersand natural-wood panels do not harm the environment or the artists that use them. Each panel is made from hardwood from sustainable forests and are FSC certified forest products. That means they comply with the highest levels of environmental protection. They are also formaldehyde free and do not contain any material compounds that generate harmful gas emissions.

Artwork on ampersand art panels

Last Years 2nd Place Jerrys Artarama Ampersand Contest Winner

What do you really need to know before you try Ampersand?

Whenever you use any sort of unprimed wood panel, you should seal it first to prevent any discoloration later on. After you seal it, it should be coated with an oil or alkyd primer or acrylic dispersion ground. To mount paper or any sort of textiles, you should probably have a barrier seal between the fabric or paper and the bare wood panel. Seems like a lot of hard work to do before you start making your art. However, Ampersand Panels come pre-sealed, pH neutral and are completely ready to use. You can start your art immediately!


Great for Encaustics and Texturing

Which Panel is Right for Your Art?

  • Encausticbord- Perfect for the unique demands of encaustic painting and mixed media. It has a smooth, velvety surface that is not only heat resistant and highly absorbent and can hold tight layers of wax and collage that allows you to perform without the fear of it cracking or separating.
  • Natural Wood Panels- Warp and moisture resistant, these panels are the high quality, modern version of the preferred substrate of the old masters. Strong panels can support heavy layers of paint, encaustic, and collage.
  • Claybord- Made using 1/8″ hardboard and an amazing kaolin clay ground formula, Ampersand’s Claybord is sanded down to be extra smooth. Its perfect for work with paint or ink. A fun feature of this type of panel is that you can scratch into the claybord to add contrast and texture.
  • Gessobord- Ampersand Gessobord Panels are the most trusted pre-gessoed wood panel used by artists. It features a superior quality acrylic gesso ground that doesn’t dull colors and the lightly sanded surface gives you excellent brush control.
  • Hardbord-A hardboard that accepts all kinds of commercial and handmade painting grounds. It has a high density fiber core for dimensional strength and long term sustainability.
  • Value Series Artist Panels- Ultra smooth surface consists of multiple layers of acrylic gesso, ready for painting and creating in acrylic oil colors, alkyds, dry or mixed media and collage.
  • Aquabord-  Archival and acid free, this clay coated 1/8″ hardboard panel provides a durable and forgiving surface that performs like fine paper, but has all of the advantages of hardboard.

Artist Testimonial on Ampersand Art Panels

Ampersand Aquabord art panel

“Aquabord” has truly revolutionized watercolor painting! Colors come out richer; darks are darker; and there is a consistency in quality that I have never found with watercolor paper. Watercolors can be varnished when the painting is completed, eliminating glass altogether- Steve Hanks

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