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Jerry’s Artarama has been working in a cooperative effort with a new company called TalentCall.  TalentCall.com is a platform that makes it easy for arts and entertainment-focused groups and individuals to issue and judge calls for artists and casting calls – and for artists and entertainers to instantly respond to those calls.

Artists can use the Talent Portfolio Manager to easily upload, manage, and annotate audio, video, image, or text representations of their talent for online storage.  From the web or mobile device, members will be able to use those stored Talent Assets to instantly respond to TalentCalls at a moment’s notice.

So what does this mean for you?. This is the best and easiest way to enter our online contests!  Visit the Jerry’s Artarama Talent Call Opportunities page to see our current contests running….



Quick Update…We have just recently launched the new contest platform and already we have over 300 subscribers actively participating in one of our contests.

We look forward to furthering our commitment of “Empowering Artists” so please join us and…Create your FREE Artist Profile online today!




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