Take A Hike by Wilson Bickford

If you want to get your creative juices flowing, sometimes you just have to get out into Mother Nature’s domain. Winters here in northern NY can be quite brutal, with minus 20s and 30s pretty common in January and February. There are acres and acres of meadows and thick woods behind my home which I routinely patrol on my snowshoes. Although this is not my land, the owner does not mind me trekking around out there, so I take advantage of that (and I am grateful for it).

I like to snowshoe for several reasons:
* Just to make the best of a bad situation (let’s just say that Winter isn’t my favorite season)
* To get some fresh air and exercise
* And to get inspiration / photos for my artwork

While snow can be bothersome, as far as the shoveling, plowing and snowblowing, it is also quite beautiful and is one of my favorite landscape themes. This morning was crisp (8 degrees above), clear and bright, so I grabbed my camera and snowshoes and headed out. It was just after 8am when I hit the woods and the sun was still rising and filtering through the trees. I loved the play of light and shadows. More specifically, the warm lights and the cool, blue shadows. If you’re looking for a broad range of color temperatures in your painting, this will do it. Such beautiful contrast!

I’m sure these photos will ultimately find their way onto my canvas. It’s hard for me to imagine not trying to capture this tranquility. The warm and cool colors, the contrast of the dark silhouetted trees against the bright sun light bursting through…………… how can one not be inspired?

So, what I want to say to you is, “GO TAKE A HIKE!!” You may not have snow where you are, so go stroll the beach, take a walk through the city streets, or meander along a wooded trail.

It’ll be great for your mind, body and artistic soul!

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