Mixed Media Painting Step-By-Step Watch and Paint Along from Start to Finish-Jerry’s Live #90

  Jerry’s LIVE Episode #90 – Mixed Media Painting Step-By-Step: Watch and Paint Along from Start to Finish Featuring Top Brands: Turner, GOLDEN, Liquitex, Da Vinci Panels and More Mixed Media works are fun and freeing to create – you can use most any supplies together, provided you know what works with what or how…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 08/02/2019

Mixed Media Madness with Mixed Media Monday Hostess Ophelia Staton – Jerry’s LIVE Episode 69

Episode 69: You’ve seen her on Mixed Media Mondays, and on our Jerrys Live show last year– the “Goddess of Getting Your Art Groove On”– Ophelia Staton! If you haven’t seen Ophelia, you are in for a real treat!!! Details Join us for this fun Mixed Media Madness where Ophelia makes Amy throw caution to…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 14/08/2018

Nathalie Kalbach in Jerry’s Artist Spotlight

Nathalie Kalbach is a self-taught mixed media artist. She was born in Germany and lived most of her adult life in Hamburg before moving to the United States in September 2013. She now lives in Jersey City, NJ. Nathalie’s early love of paint was squelched by an art teacher who told her she had no…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 20/01/2016

Everyday Items to Amazing Art

Art is everywhere Although we at Jerry’s Artarama are bigger fans of fine art, every now and then, we get absolutely amazed by what artists are creating out of even the most mundane items. Art truly is everywhere and made from everything, from tape to hardware to rubix cubes.  We’ve scoured the internet and here…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 12/08/2014

A Jerry’s Online Street Team Art Project with Pam Carriker

Professional mixed media artist, Pam Carriker, uses her own product line with Derivan to create art journal pages! 1. You can use any kind of printed paper for this step. Let the journal page sing a song of your recent ideas & experiences! Adhere some collage material to the watercolor paper using Mixed-Media Adhesive and…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 01/07/2013

Mixed Media Artist Pam Carriker In Jerry’s Artist Spotlight

   Pam Carriker in The Splatter’s Spotlight! Pam Carriker is a life-long art lover, who grew up in the Pacific northwest. To pursue a creative life was her dream and she is living that dream through a multitude of different artistic outlets. She has 20 years of experience with a variety of different media. She…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 30/06/2013

A Jerry’s Online Street Team Art Project with Cristina Zinnia Galliher

Cristina Zinnia Galliher is a mixed media artist living life with a passion for art! Known to her art friends as Zinnia, she teaches others how to create variations of mixed media art for all levels through her online workshops and classes at RosesOnMyTable.com. Learn more about Zinnia and her work in our featured Artist Spotlight…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 06/01/2012

Defining Urban Derivatives by TMNK

The streets are talking, and a NOBODY like me  is not only listening but is adding to the conversation with a unique and compelling style of art I call “URBAN DERIVATIVES.” Not content with simply “getting up” on walls and having my work seen and appreciated by the masses. And, while many find inspiration from…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 26/08/2010

So YOU Wanna Be a Street Artist by TMNK

Leave it to a NOBODY like me to alter the face of street art (wink). Why should it be all about getting up, having YOUR work seen, promoted, discovered in the streets? Where’s the fun for people like YOU? Okay, granted many of you don’t relish going out into the dark of night with wheat…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 11/08/2010

Boat People – A Painting by Nobody

  I was extended an invitation to donate some art for an auction benefiting the survivors of the recent earthquake in Haiti. Of course I was more than happy to contribute my talents, so I didn’t hesitate to accept. The painting I’ve created especially for the fundraiser is entitled Boat People. I wanted to create…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 12/05/2010