Banksy Ends his Takeover of the New York Art Scene

Better Out Than In, Banksy’s NY residency ended Wednesday Making news almost everyday for the last month, Banksy, the UK’s most controversial artist over the last decade, ended his tour of New York on Wednesday.  As we mentioned in an article at the beginning of the month, Banksy, an anonymous UK artist famous for exercising…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 02/11/2013

Can You Catch Banksy in NYC?

The Famous UK Street Artist is Tagging the Streets of NYC All Month! In a rare excursion to the U.S., the famous street artist known as Banksy is hitting the streets of New York City and tagging city walls all over in a new project throughout the month of October. Best known from his first…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 05/10/2013


Last night I went to go see “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” A friend recommended the film and I saw the reviews. I knew I would love it but I never guessed how inspiring and thought provoking the film would be. It is the story of Thierry Guetta, an eccentric French “film maker” who befriended…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 11/06/2010