What is the difference between acrylic or oil primed canvas?

Stretching your Budget with Knowledge on Stretched Canvas
Jerry’s LIVE Episode 30

What is universally primed or using oil primed surfaces if I paint in oil?

Jerry’s Live – Episode #30 Stretched Canvas Episode: “Stretching your $$$ with Knowledge! – See Video Below

Most artists paint on stretched canvas, yet few would be able to tell you much about what they were using and why if hard pressed.

What is the canvas weight, and what does it mean? Why are there different woods for stretchers? What construction makes a good stretcher? What is the difference between acrylic and universal priming, and is there one? Why should I consider using oil primed surfaces if I paint in oil? What is stretched linen canvas, and what makes it different than cotton?

Amy will provide the lowdown on stretched canvas, to help you get the right surface for your artwork, and more bang for your buck when shopping.

To See or Buy The Supplies Discussed In LIVE Event

All Stretched Artist Canvas Presented in Live Event

Value Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvases:

  • 89049 Creative Inspirations ⅝” deep Stretched Canvas 5 pack; 8×20”
  • 85977 Practica Cotton Stretched Canvas 11×14″ ⅝” deep, Super Value 2 Pack
  • 85977A Practica Cotton Stretched Canvas ⅝” Deep, 11×14” Box of 20
  • 87259 Practica Black Stretched Canvas ⅝” deep, 11×14” 2 Pack

Mini Primed Cotton Canvases:

  • 83854 The Edge All Media Cotton Gallery Canvas Mini, 1 ½” deep, 4×4” (Pack of 9)
  • 87299 Ultra Mini Set of 1 Easel w/2×2” Canvas – Natural Easel
  • 86382 Ultra Mini Set of 2 Easels w/2 Stretched 3×3” Canvases – Black Easel
  • 83859A Paramount Ultra Mini Canvas Box of 100 2×3”

Artist’s Acrylic/Universal Primed Cotton Canvases:

  • 75431 Yes! All Media Cotton Canvas ¾” deep, 9×12” (single)
  • 57233 The Edge All Media Cotton Canvas 16×20″,11/16” deep (single)
  • 57237 The Edge All Media Cotton Canvas, 16×20” 1 ½” deep (single)
  • 62636 The Edge All Media Cotton Canvas, 16×20” 2 ½” deep (single)
  • 83825 Paramount Bulk Canvas Box of 20, 11×14” ¾” depth
  • 14339A Fredrix Canvas 8” Round, Box of 6
  • 14338A Fredrix Canvas 6×8” Oval, Box of 6

Professional Acrylic/Universal Primed Cotton Canvases:

Professional Acrylic/Universal Primed Linen Canvases:

Oil Primed Linen Canvases:

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