Single Mom Artists – The Power of Self Made Money by M Theresa Brown

Single mothers are everywhere. They are from every race, every religion and every nationality. They are so common that no one gives them a second thought. Single moms come from every financial strata. But their challenges are the same and their desire to nurture and protect their children are the same. The discrimination they face is the same.

Single mom artists face another series of challenges. The main challenge is how they can use their artistic skills to bring home additional money. What can you create to stretch that ridiculous child support check? How can you pay for luxuries when you can barely afford the necessities? How do you break out of this rut?

You do it with Self made money. When you, as an artist, decide to take control of your life, you are taking the first step in getting control of your finances. Self made money is power. It is the power to help yourself, your children and to make the right choices. It is the power to gain control over your situation and in doing so, provide a role model for your children. 

Self made money is also a key to avoiding bad relationships. It gives you, a single mom, the power to walk away or not get involved in the first place. Creating and marketing a tangible art product easily occupies late nights, early mornings and weekends and focuses your attention on what matters. And what matters is a good life for you and your children. Children adapt and adjust to new life situations far better than their adult counterparts. Single mom artists who enlist and encourage the help of their children in creating their art products form a bond that encourages the nurturing and healing process. It becomes a unified goal with benefits for everyone. Your children will welcome the chance to be a part of that goal and you are teaching them incredibly valuable life skills along the way.

As an artistic mom, you have a huge advantage over artists who hesitate in selling their art product. A single mother always needs money and any possible hesitation in creating or selling your art vanishes in your desire to improve the lives of you and your children. Gone is any hesitancy of wondering if you can do it, or what constitutes art or if you are talented enough. You don’t care what other artists may think! If you can pick up a paintbrush or pull out a sewing machine, you can create to sell. And you can move smoothly into your new role because protecting and helping your children is a powerful motivator.

It’s a fact, that need creates motivation and with motivation comes opportunities. The single mom artist has everything that many other artists do not have. You have the motivation, the need, the perseverance and the necessary dedication in abundance. You don’t have the luxury of deciding that the effort of creating and marketing your art is not worth it. Giving up is not a choice when there are children involved. You are familiar with deadlines and juggling a number of hats. You can find an hour or two in each day to pursue your art or craft product and the marketing of it because finding and making time is your specialty. You can do this whether you hold down one job or two. Whether you have one child or five. Whether you get child support or no. You do not have the luxury of a convenient excuse for giving up.

Self made money with your art/craft product is power for the single mom artist. And when you have created and experienced that power, you will have the tools to climb out of the rut. And in doing so, the whole world for you and your children will change for the better.

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