See What You Can Create with UART Sanded Paper and Gallery Soft Pastels!

Folks, Lisa Ober has done it again!

If you remember, Lisa Ober reviewed Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels in Artist Lisa Ober Reviews Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels. As an incredible pastel artist, she continues to stun us all with her beautiful work. Using Gallery Handmade Professional Pastels and UART Sanded Professional Pastel Paper. Gallery Handmade Professional Pastels lay down thick colors and are great for layering and blending. UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper is graded to allow for multiple layers of color and consistency. It can accept multiple applications of soft and hard pastels as well as watercolor and oil washes.

To read more on Lisa’s:  full review of Gallery Artist Handmade Pastels and review of UArt Premium Sanded Pastel Paper

Its no surprise that working with the best supplies and a great amount of talent that Lisa was able to create such a stunning masterpiece. Now she just needs your help to name it!

Name the Painting Contest

Winner receives a reproduction of this pastel painting of marbles(shipping included) for Free! Yes, free! That’s my thank-you for a great title. You all know how this goes but since we have new folks joining us, heres how it works (please read so you don’t miss out):

1.Leave your title suggestion in the comments section on Lisa Ober’s Facebook Fan Page: The Art of Lisa Ober. Comments are welcomed also, but make sure if you want to be in the contest that it is clear.

Example: TITLE: Marbles are Lovely.

2. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, January 18th, 2014 at 11:59 PM(tonight at midnight).

3. Lisa will compile the title submissions into one list.

4. A day or two later, check back on her facebook page to VOTE on your favorites which will be listed in a new post. Thats really important. It will be clear that the new post is for voting and she will allow a few days so that you can ask your friends to vote for their favorite titles. If you love your own suggestion, tell your friends to vote for it.

5. After a count has been tallied, Lisa will announce the winner in a new post. If you win, she will contact you immediately through Facebook message. If you win and don’t hear from her immediately, please message her on Facebook.

She is looking for clever, profound, unique or quirky titles and you all have pulled through many times. Have fun!

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