Prove it-Can one 500ml bottle of Acryl Gouache Soft Formula cover 76 sq feet of canvas?

Prove It!

With so many outlandish marketing claims being thrown at you, its hard to know what the truth really is!
Prove It! turns claims to facts as your host, Mikey G, pushes products to the limit as he tests all promised bells and whistles each item can do.

These quick videos are sure to entertain and educate you, as Mikey G goes through all kinds of zany experiments on product claims in his quest to Prove It!

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As we look to push the envelope on products and attempt to Prove It… We are planning on alot more of them to come to keep you in suspense and educate you on the many key aspects of the very products you use. We would like to get your feedback and comments on this new program.
Please supply them below!

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